Want to Join?

Husky Robotics has open recruitment for University of Washington students exclusively during Autumn Quarter, requiring only a passion for robotics and a willingness to learn and commit to get started. We will be at the RSO recruitment fair in Red Square, and post notices about our meetings on our Facebook page and on this website.

During Autumn quarter, we have prospective new members figure out what subsystem they want to be part of, and run workshops and safety certification to teach them what will be necessary to know for the rest of the year.

Some of the Topics our Workshops Cover:

  • Computer Aided Drafting (CAD), Material Selection, Part Selection, Mechanical Design (Statics & Dynamics), Tolerances

  • Microcontroller programming, Scripting Languages, GUI design, Debugging Practices, Wireless Communications

  • Basic Circuitry, Circuit Design, Soldering, Circuit Board Design, Motor Controller Design

  • Machine Shop Certification (Shop Safety, CNC Mill, Lathe, Bandsaw, Drill Press, Welding)

  • Science: Astrogeology, Astrobiology, Physics, Chemical Analysis, Sensor Selection & Calibration, Archive Research

All members of Husky robotics join a subsystem (a team that specializes in the design of a particular part of the rover).  With the exception of the Software subsystem, any new member may join the subsystem of their choice. To learn about the different subsystems and the roles that they play, please visit our subsystems page.

Further information regarding Husky Robotics and its various subsystems can be seen here.

2018-2019 Applications are Closed