Building Rovers & Robots

Welcome to Husky Robotics!

We are a multi-disciplinary engineering group based at the University of Washington in Seattle, WA. Founded as a club for robotics enthusiasts to participate in competitions, Husky Robotics has turned its primary focus to participating in the Mars Society's University Rover Challenge ( every spring.   

The society presents a series of challenges that test ruggedness, maneuverability, utility, and scientific acumen in astrogeology and astrobiology, requiring a well-rounded team of students with solid technical skills in hard sciences, electronics, software, and mechanical designs. 


Our mission is to provide UW students with an environment where they can learn practical, hands-on engineering skills as part of a large interdisciplinary team.

Unfettered by the time limits of the quarter system, our members build on their skills for the entire year, working in a project-oriented team where they can see how their work becomes part of the complete system. This fosters better communication skills, and a fuller understanding of modern engineering.